Group Training


Welcome to the heart of On The Move Fitness – MOVE CAMP. This isn't just a workout; it's the pulse of our community, where the spirit of teamwork and the thrill of achievement collide in an electrifying atmosphere of support and enthusiasm. Designed for those who crave a workout that's as exhilarating as it is effective, MOVE CAMP is where high energy meets high impact, all under the guidance of our dedicated coaches.


A workout like no other

Imagine stepping into a workout experience so immersive, it feels like a cinematic journey of strength, endurance, and unity. From the moment you join your team, you're not just working out; you're embarking on an adventure. With each session crafted to push you and your teammates to your limits, you'll conquer challenges, celebrate victories, and emerge stronger, together.


Why Game Day?

We call it "Game Day" for the sheer excitement and anticipation it brings, reminiscent of gearing up for a big game. It's that special Saturday morning ritual that members look forward to all week, where every session is an opportunity to surpass your personal best, with the collective energy of your team propelling you forward.

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Elevate Your Strength with Team Training

At On The Move Fitness, we believe in the power of strength training as the cornerstone of physical fitness. Our TEAM TRAINING program is specifically designed for those who are serious about leveling up their weight lifting game, regardless of their starting point.


PErformance Training

Every four weeks, we unveil a new, tailored program that focuses on strength training as the foundation of performance. Whether you're a novice or an experienced lifter, our TEAM TRAINING provides the structure, variety, and expertise you need to excel. Utilizing an arsenal of equipment from barbells to sleds, and everything in between, our coaches are with you every step of the way, ensuring you're not just lifting, but growing stronger, smarter, and more confident in your abilities.


Build your legacy

This is your invitation to join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for strength, progress, and camaraderie. In TEAM TRAINING, every rep is a step towards the physique you desire and the strength you've yet to uncover. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting each other up and achieving greatness, together.

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The most important thing about the gym is the environment. Everyone is kind, fun, and encouraging, which makes going there the best part of my day.
Lois H.
Mike has transformed my fitness routine - I went from being a couch potato to being an active and fit person!
Ann S.
Mike is an incredibly positive and motivating trainer. He made it possible for me to start the journey back to my pre-gradschool level of health, fitness, and self care.
Kasey S.
Absolutely hands down my favorite place!!!
Allison S.
Mike is an absolute gem of a trainer. He’s always positive and encouraging, but pushes you to be your best. My progress while working with Mike has been amazing!
Kristen W.
Mike has changed my life since I've been working with him for approximately three years. He has helped me reach goals that I never thought I could reach.
Joanne P.
Mike is professional, kind, patient and knowledgeable! Always looking to challenge you safely. I’ve never felt more motivated in my life. I have seen more progress working with him in 2 months than I have in years.
Nicole T.
I am down to a weight I have not seen in 18 years, I feel amazing! Teaming up with Mike to get and keep my body in the best shape of my life was the absolute best decision I have ever made for myself!
Christie D.
Mike is the most encouraging trainer. He is so knowledgeable when it comes it fitness, diet and overall health. Mike is always so flexible with scheduling which is so convenient.
Angel D.
If you are looking for a place to build real strength and mobility then this is your gym!
Faith A.
Mike is an excellent trainer. Both in-person and remote, I have gotten so much from his classes and training sessions. He has a wealth of knowledge that he brings to his training.
Mary Ann L.
I've always struggled with proper form in the past but Mike is very clear with his instructions and guidance.
Emma B.

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